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As businesses start to take advantage of new opportunities and look to move ahead in a new world economy, Fearlessly Frank has committed to match any clients investment in innovation from £20,000 up to the value of £250,000. The match funding will be against all Fearlessly Frank’s innovation tools and services on work contracted by 30th September 2020. The aim is to help businesses successfully navigate through the challenges and opportunities they face today.

Fearlessly Frank has spent more than a decade helping some of the world’s biggest corporations and most exciting enterprises shape and define the future of business. Previous clients include; BAE Systems, Nissan, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, disruptive InsureTech company Sherpa, and subscription based social platform – Vero. We hope to continue delivering breakthrough and disruptive innovation for many decades more.

The global pandemic has, for most companies, blown ‘business as usual’ apart. In order to thrive in this economic climate, companies have had to look to create new opportunities for revenue and growth. New thinking will drive new ideas, and in turn, this will drive growth and help speed up the recovery of our economy.

We appreciate times are tough, and our clients have asked us to help; that’s why we are committed to supporting companies in their innovation drive by matching innovation project fees with our resources. Our highly experienced teams, processes and tools will act as a catalyst for disruptive and breakthrough innovation.  

Innovation is now a greater imperative than ever. This is why Fearlessly Frank is turning its focus to refreshing businesses for new opportunities in a post-Covid world. Our aim is to help businesses prepare for what’s coming next, and make sure companies are stronger than ever.

We look forward to supporting you in however best we can so please complete the short form below to find out more and take advantage of this initiative.

Thank you.
Ben and the entire team at Fearlessly Frank

We have committed to match fund up to £250,000 for innovation and help businesses refocus

    1. In response to COVID-19, from 23rd July 2020 until 30th September 2020 (funding period); Fearlessly Frank’s new Match Fund will aim to invest up to £250,000 of resources to help kick-start businesses to take advantage of new innovation opportunities.
    2. "Match fund" means the total sum of £250,000 being the contribution Fearlessly Frank will make to one or many client innovation projects to meet up to 50% of the expected client expenditure and balance due on terms set out by Fearlessly Frank.
    3. Awarding of the fund is at the sole discretion of Fearlessly Frank. 
    4. "Resources" deployed will be in consultancy services.
    5. Any match-fund deployed is non-transferable to other innovation projects and non-refundable.
    6. Match-fund is eligible for businesses of all sizes and not limited to new clients only. 
    7. Unless pre-approved, Match-funding will only be applied to Fearlessly Frank’s proprietary innovation tools and services. These are: Looking Glass, Unframing, Ultimate Nemesis, Sim Labs, Perfect Pitch, Brand Systematics and 20-20.
    8. A total of up to £250,000 of resources will be allocated to client innovation projects contracted before 30th September 2020.
    9. The innovation project must be completed within 6 months of being awarded unless otherwise agreed.
    10. Fearlessly Frank may suspend all services including “Match Fund” contributions if payments for services are not received on or before due dates outlined in the agreement between Fearlessly Frank and the end client. 
    11. Fearlessly Frank’s decision is final.

    Terms & Conditions